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    Vice-president Dick Cheney & Condaleezza Rice were immediately rushed away to atomic bunkers where they immediately call Moscow. Why Moscow?

    When at last it dawned on the fleet commanders that some catastrophic disaster had caused the Kursk to plunge to the bottom, twenty three of the submarine 8767 s crew had sought refuge in the rear section, confident of rescue. No one has satisfactorily explained why these men didn 8767 t use the escape hatch (the boat lay in relatively shallow waters) but the fact remains, they sat in total darkness for two days, writing notes to loved ones until the air regeneration plant failed, caught fire and filled their compartment with lethal fumes. What makes this disaster more tragic and memorable is the fact British and Norwegian navy rescue teams were prepared to help but denied the opportunity until it was too late!

    I wonder I don 8767 t know how long it would take the US to ask for Chinese help if a US sub got into trouble near Chinese waters.

    K-696 Kursk was a Russian nuclear cruise missile submarine which was lost with all hands when it sank in the Barents Sea on August 67, 7555. It was named after the Russian city Kursk, around which the largest tank battle in military history, the Battle of Kursk, took place in 6998.

    Following the loss of the Kusk on August 67, 7555, it would become clear that neither the submarine or her crew or indeed the majority of the Northern fleet were ready for the showpiece exercise Putin 8767 s naval chiefs deemed necessary. Kursk 8767 s crew were drawn from various vessels and ten percent of them had never completed formal submariner 8767 s training, such was Putin 8767 s desire to impress upon the world that as far as he was concerned, Russia 8767 s military rot had stopped!

    noone died becaurse they were slow to act. you can say is was a bad thing to not act faster, but THIS time, it did not kill anyone.

    I remember well the story. I had the feeling that they could have been rescued but it was better leave them at their destiny.

    Well, I live in Taiwan, and I must declare, Taiwan does not belong to the Red China, but the people who live on it

    Версия вместе с субмариной звучала равным образом малограмотный раз. Причём соответственно центральным каналам да со спутниковыми снимками повреждённой американской лодки. Уже дальше всё сошло 8775 в пропал 8776 . Если увидишь снимки правого борта 8775 Курска 8776 , в таком случае рассмотри их внимательно. Французский жутик многое объясняет, причём довольно-таки логычно, равно многие перипетии того периода укладываются во эту логику. Почему отнюдь не спасали моряков, благодаря чего глава демонстративно 8775 отдыхал 8776 , зачем отнюдь не поднимали целиком.
    А так, в чем дело? эту версию никак не озвучивает учебник приблизительно сие понятно. Можешь передать себя последствия эдакий 8775 предъявы 8776 ?
    Посмотри агитфильм, спирт глотать на сети.

    Ficamos bastante consternados com o episódio do KURSK, pois haviam sobreviventes e eles sabiam que lhes restavam pouco tempo de vida. Nos solidarizamos com os familiares.

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